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It is with great honor and with much love that I recommend Brenda Pearce’s program, Your Authentic Reset TM. Brenda is aware of, & knows what it takes to claim , and harnesses the true Power of Transformation, not only in her own life, but the lives of others as well. She is the REAL deal. She walks her talk, and helps others authentically walk their talk. We all get off track from time to time, and Brenda is amazing at joining you, locking arms with you, and helping you get back on track to achieve all that you were meant to achieve in life. She will help you reset your life, spring forward with happiness, bliss, and purpose, toward all you are meant to be!

Sue Denk, Psy.D.
The Transformation Psychologist
Chicago, IL USA

“Reiki as a practice is an incredible gift one can give themselves.  Receiving that knowledge from a skilled practitioner and trainer elevates that gift to new heights.  Brenda Pearce is a talented Reiki practitioner and trainer whose expert instruction provided a me a deep understanding of the value of Reiki, not only to help myself but those around me.  Brenda awakened the gifts I already posses, and added a profound love of the practice of Reiki into my life.”


Teresa Syms

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner & Author

Ontario, Canada

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DC Love.jpg

Working with Brenda Pearce has been nothing short of amazing! She not only talks her talk, she also walks the walk. She is an incredible healer and life coach, who doesn’t let anything or anyone hold her back. She displays this in her life. If you are wanting to move forward or putting your life on hold, connect with Brenda. She can help. You’ll have all the tools needed to move forward on your journey, as well as believing in your abilities. Get the ball rolling with Brenda! She’ll help you to connect with your own amazing divinity and love the life of your dreams!

DC Love️

Psychic Medium


Pennsylvania, USA

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Brenda Pearce.


Brenda has been an excellent addition to the community outreach in this area and online through her contributions in media and online communications.  She has reached out to me to endorse the work I am doing with the federal Canadian charity Internet Sense First, of which I am the Founder and Chair.  As an author, Brenda has helped to market my work, with my latest book being "The Internet:  Are Children In Charge?".


Brenda is an unselfish and giving contributor in supporting anyone who would benefit from her expertise and connections with media.  Her interview techniques, including quiet and kind methods of introduction and questioning, is very appreciated and helps a person share information willingly and without regret.  So often, when being interviewed, a person can have regrets with information that has been shared.  Never has this happened with Brenda.  She is professional, poised, and an excellent listener, a trait that is so important.  


She has also unselfishly referred me to other avenues for exposure, with the most recent being an international podcast that involved at least 50 experts in various topics.  Her support is treasured and respected.


It is without hesitation that I support any type of promotion or expansion of her expertise.  I would welcome an opportunity to discuss this further through this email or phone contact at 519 854 1249.


Very sincerely,


Charlene Doak-Gebauer, 
Founder and Chair

Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet

CRA Charity #80415 1439 RR 0001


Author "Digital Sexual Victims:  True Cases"

Canada Chair, Child Protection - All Ladies League

Recipient Bishop Townshend Award of Teaching Excellence

Recipient 2018 Women of Excellence ALL

Digital Ambassador, CMHO

Global Speaker


Helping victims of Internet Child Exploitation | Being proactive against Internet predators.


Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.

-- Benjamin Franklin

Charlene Doak Gebauer headshot.jpg

Charlene Doak-Gebauer, 
Founder and Chair

Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet

Ingersoll, Ontario Canada

Grace Holliday.png

I have known Brenda for a number of years... She has been a blessing in my life and she has always been there for me as well as those around her. She has empowered my life sharing her knowledge of Reiki, the afterlife, research and information about cancer and what it entails as well as what to expect along the journey.. she cares for everyone and treats us all with love and equality she gives her all....and I feel so very blessed to have her in my life ... cell research is also another item she has passed along to those she knows and her wisdom just goes on and on... I am honoured to know this empowered woman !!! Cheers to her, her wisdom, her career and her life! 

Grace Holliday

Healthcare worker

Ontario, Canada


Brenda Pearce is all about giving and helping others, whether it’s with her podcast guests, her coaching clients, or with your friends and family, She has an inner light that shines brightly outward and makes everyone that touches her feel empowered and fulfilled. Brenda so graciously invited me on her podcast and through her generous spirit and intelligent interview questions, she was able to bring out my business message and through this interview I had dozens of new subscribers interested in my services and products.

Sheila Galligan.jpg

Sheila Galligan

Podcast Booking Agent

Minnesota USA

Over the past 5 years I have worked with Brenda on the production of the ROGERS tv Oxford program Oxford Empowered.  Brenda has proven herself to be a very innovative and informed host and producer of a well received tv show for our area and beyond thanks to Brenda’s use of her social media channels.  Oxford Empowered is truly a valued resource for our community in shining a light on the people who help bring us wellness and well being.

John Payne headshot.jpg

John W Payne


Rogers TV Oxford County

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Brenda on Oxford Empowered TV.  Brenda was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and made me feel very comfortable.  As we are both in the media business, our connection has grown stronger.  It is great to have Brenda in the community.  She enjoys being an advocate for local businesses and organizations.  She is a monthly contributor to HUB magazine, sharing health and wellness information, along with recipes for lighter living.

kathy Eller headshot.jpg

Kathy Eller

Owner/Publisher of

Published in The HUB Magazine

Owner of Coffee News Oxford County

I would like to say that you are a very wonderful ambassador for Rogers TV  as well you are an effective representative as an empowered nurse for Oxford County and surrounding area. You have promoted my Magnolia and Vine business on both Rogers TV and through your connections with Social Media. Brenda you are a sound leader and it is demonstrated in your interviews and interactions with people; you are positive and a subject matter expertise in your line of work.

Kim Charlebois headshot.jpg

Kimberley Charlebois


Magnolia & Vine

Brenda Pearce is truly 'The Empowered Nurse'. I have know Brenda for about a year, we have worked together on a number of projects and  she has been a great asset to my company Radio Time Productions. She has many skills and her giving and helping personality personifies a nursing spirit.


Brenda has a multitude of media talents, her interviewing style exemplifies how great interviews are done. Her sophisticated deportment and professionalism is displayed in her videos, also her command of technical aspects of production is impressive. I have trusted Brenda with my most important clients knowing that she will perform at the highest level of professionalism and would recommend her as an excellent candidate for a TV series, "The Empowered Nurse".

Valerie Jarrette Bass.jpg

Brenda Pearce is The Empowered Nurse.  She believes in integrated approaches to health and wellness.  She truly makes it her mission to learn about the science that will make a difference to health and well-being.  I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by her on Oxford Empowered TV and on her various Facebook live interview events.  She is truly a nurse making a difference in our world.  A pleasure to work with her.

Allie Ochs righteous.jpg

Allie Ochs

 President Swiss Bionic & PEMF Global

 Oakville ON  Phone: 905-465-0753

1195 North Service Rd W Unit B8, Oakville ON L6M 2W2

Brenda has helped me in so many ways. I was diagnosed with autoimmune disorders and I was a nervous wreck. I contacted Brenda right away to ask for her advice. I am so glad I had her to guide and coach me in the right direction. She recommended PEMF and supplements to start the healing process. I was astonished at the positive outcome to both. I do not have to take prescription medication with its horrendous side effects and I am in less pain and stronger in many ways. I am so grateful to her for her amazing support and the success I have achieved with the treatments. I highly recommend Brenda for any concerns you have. She honestly gave me exactly what I required. Thank you so much Brenda. I could not have done this without you.

Michelle Carter headshot.jpg

Michele Carter

London, Ontario

Deborah Moore.jpg

Deborah Moore BScN

Reg.N. (Retired)

Simcoe, Ontario

I have known Brenda Pearce and worked closely with her between 1989 – 1998 as staff nurses in a community hospital.  Both of us as Reg. N.  During that time I came to know Brenda for her concern and caring for her patient's well-being.

We reunited when I was searching for alternative therapies approximately 4 years ago.  I was impressed that Brenda has carried her professionalism, sincerity and knowledge into a current media environment, (podcasts, TV and books) that enables her to share and coach a larger number of people, guiding them for healthy ways maximize health and manage disease.  Brenda represents a passion for sharing healthy living with research-based information.  If I need help deciding on a health-related issue I would look to Brenda to guide my decision.

I am very happy to provide my endorsement for Brenda Pearce, The Empowered Nurse.

I got to know Brenda Pearce in my capacity of executive director at People’s Right to Integrative Medicine (PRIM) in 2014-2015.  PRIM was a not-for-profit organization with a mandate to promote the right of Canadians to have access to complementary and alternative medicine.

It was a pleasure getting to know Brenda.  She was always positive, enthusiastic and energetic, which seems to be reflected in the success of her radio and television shows.

She has tremendous interpersonal and partnership  building skills.   With her nursing background and expertise in health and wellness, Brenda has become an engaging and popular talk show host.

If you would like more insight into my experience collaborating with Brenda, do not hesitate to contact me.

































































David Carmichael.jpg

David Carmichael

Tel: 1-905- 580-2015


Cheryl Bassitt headshot.jpg

I love when the Universe aligns and brings amazing people into my life.   That’s exactly how I felt when I met co-author of our book collaboration, Light at the End of the Funnel. Brenda then invited me to be on her show.  What I loved about being on Brenda’s podcast is that it didn’t feel like an interview, it felt like a conversation with an old friend.  A connection with someone who was genuinely interested in what I was doing.  It flowed and brought out the best in me.  When someone is heart-centered, it shows.  Thank you Brenda for allowing my light to shine! 

Cheryl Bassitt

Best-Selling Author

Light At The End Of The Funnel

My heart and my life has been changed since knowing Brenda Pearce for the last three years. 


She encourages me to reach above and beyond to accomplish things I never thought I could attain. 


Her gentleness and her ability to see deep within encourages belief in myself unlike anything I have experienced before.  I now think bigger to make my dreams reality. 


Anyone given the gift to get to know Brenda would truly say that their lives were Blessed.  I know mine definitely has. 

deana hryn headshot.jpg

Deana Hryn


Chicago, Illonois

I  am writing to you on behalf of Brenda Pearce to give you all some insight on who she is . I have been blessed with having Brenda as a mentor to me as I first was blessed to meet her when I entered into the PSW program at Fanshawe College back in 2006 . She was a caring compassionate women who stood before us in class to teach us hands on at our clinical placement in Woodstock Ontario. She shared so much knowledge with us as she had many many years of experience as a RN . We valued her I valued her ,her insight, her opinions ,her guidance ,her knowledge she was an amazing teacher who I was lucky enough to be able to keep in contact with her after school was finished and I graduated and moved on within my career .
I accepted a job at a nursing home in St Thomas in the later part of 2007 only to have Brenda join us a few years later as a nurse on the floor I was so thrilled . She offered so much compassion love guidance and so much knowledge with dementia/Alzheimer’s  patients . She was always so happy worked endless amounts of hours to provide care as she loved her residents staff and everyone . Just as we loved her . She was always a phone call away if I ever needed advice or just to catch up she was always generous in offering her time just to make sure that I was okay and doing well . We have always remained close and she is an active part in my life to this day . She always puts 100 percent in everything she does any goal she has ever set for herself she has achieved she is an asset anywhere she goes she is purely a remarkable women who gives it her all all the time ...
Feel free to contact me anytime if needed

Heidi Sargent

Ontario, Canada

Heidi headshot.jpg