Understanding The Scale of Consciousness

We are all capable of reaching higher states of consciousness and therefore awareness of self. Our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, emotional states and our attitudes tell us where we are operating from. For instance if you live your life with the predominate feelings of fear in all things then Hawkins measured this on the scale of consciousness at 100. Of course we can all feel sudden moments of fear, but if this is your predominant level of consciousness,then your life view will be frightening, or feelings of anxiety which can lead to withdrawal

Hawkins discusses in great detail about the various levels of consciousness but he talks of two turning points that are important for personal development which are level of 200 which is a level of initial empowerment which is where we stop blaming and accept responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs. The second turning point is the level of 500 which is accepting love and non-judgemental forgiveness as a lifestyle, exercising unconditional kindness to all persons, things and events.

To help further here are the levels of Consciousness described by Hawkins –

SHAME 1-20 – feelings of worthlessness, self-directed hatred, low self-esteem, feelings of misery.

GUILT 30 –  A little step of from shame but still a very low vibrational level of consciousness, You can manipulate ways of thinking, unable to forgive yourself for past. Destructive tendencies.

APATHY 50 – feeling hopeless, often feeling needy and dependent, a stated of learned helplessness.

GRIEF 75 – feelings of perpetual sadness or loss, life’s view is one of tradegy. Higher than apathy as you escape the numbness.

FEAR 100 – constantly seeing the world as dangerous and unsafe. At this level you carry lots of anxieties.

DESIRE 125 – this is the level of craving, addictions from money to alcohol, nicotine etc. Life can feel disappointing at this level as the cycle of addictions keep a strong hold.

ANGER 150 – this level can keep you stuck in frustrations, antagonistic, seeking revenge, transient anger can spur you on up to higher levels whereas long held anger can keep you stuck in hatred.

PRIDE 175 – you can start to feel good at this level but it is a false feeling as it is dependent on the outside circumstances such as money, possessions, prestige. You can be arrogant, defensive, you hold on tight to your beliefs that any attack on them is personal.

COURAGE 200 – below this level people see themselves as victims, this level is the first point of empowerment as one begins to take personal responsibility and begin to have an interest in personal growth, while the life view is seen as challenging it can also be exciting.

NEUTRALITY 250 – you become more flexible and relaxed, a live and let live attitude, nothing to prove as you feel far more safe in the world. 

WILLINGNESS 310 –  as you are feeling safer you begin to push yourself a little more you want to do more than just a good job, just getting by is not good enough. You become more organised and develop more will-power and self-discipline develops.

ACCEPTANCE 350 – A shift happens here, you start to live with the knowing you are the creator of your life and begin to live pro-actively in it. The level of setting and achieving goals.

REASON 400 – Life here becomes more meaningful, and you want to share your talents with the world. You think with more clarity and rationally.

LOVE 500 – unconditional love knowing that we are connected as the oneness, this love is from the heart. At this level you are guided by a greater force, you intuition is strong .Hawkins states that only 1 in 250 people will reach this state in their lifetime.

JOY 540 – just being around people at this level can lift you, pure inner joy and bliss is experienced. Many saints and spiritual teachers are at this level. It carries the feeling of completeness. Expansion of consciousness.

PEACE 600 – this is the level of total transcendence beyond the limits of our material world. 

ENLIGHTENMENT 700-1000 – the highest level of human consciousness where humanity blends with divinity. This is the level of Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, just thinking of these people can raise our level of consciousness.

Collectively those individuals who reach the highest levels of consciousness  (awareness) can counterbalance those in the lower states which can help raise their consciousness.

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