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Is an advanced Hypnosis technique which combines Neurolinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive programming and more as it breaks through subconscious beliefs and experiences to create significant life change.  Using the rules of the mind, this technique was developed by Marisa Peer based on her 35 years of clinical experience.  It is effective for weight issues, addictions, emotional issues and anxieties, and creates life success on your terms.

   What is Rapid Transformation Therapy

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Who Is Brenda Pearce

An RN with nearly 40 years of frontline nursing, Brenda decided to change her way of helping people.  Moving from pills, procedures and bandaging people to working as a RTT Therapist, and helping people deal with the root cause to many of life's issues. Brenda uses her years of working in the human experience to help triage body-mind-spirit with this incredible, and very effective technique.  In just 1session, or up to 3 sessions Brenda can help clients to move from breakdown to breakthrough.

Brenda is also a best-selling contributing author, podcast host, TV show producer/host, loving mom, & grandmother.  She believes in integrative modes of wellness.  She is also a successful entrepreneur.

Brenda believes in truly helping people live the life they truly desire and deserve.

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