Inner Peace... Is It Possible?

Updated: Jul 1

Peace in the world is truly an elusive treasure in today's world.

From the moment we open our eyes from the shrill thrum of the alarm clocks ring, we rise up in a state of adrenal fatigue. Tired out from the constant feelings of fight, flight and freeze before the day has even started. The hamster wheel begins again. How can we ever find peace when we are under the weight of responsibilities and obligations? Added to that is the rising inflation and the costs of getting through the month with more month than money. Blaming ourselves for the whittling away of our self esteem and satisfaction. The stress meter rises and we feel adrift against the tide and losing ourself in the process.

This is not the life we were promised. The life we dreamed about.

Finding peace in your life can come from various sources externally and may fill that need for a while, but finding true peace in yourself is life sustaining. Puts you in control and allows you to find that peace when you need it. It is a life-ring that you can use when you need it. I get it isn't always available, we get couded with the situations and events around us, but when you know you can access this inner peace, you are in control. This peace fills your body-mind-spirit on all levels. It puts in into a muscle memory that you can conjure up anytime, once you know how to connect to it. When you can actually settle into that feeling of peace, stress reduces and the cells in your body settle into their proper function.

I was a Registered Nurse for nearly 40 years when I decided to take my own ersonal medicine and find my place of peace within. During my decades of frontline nursing I touched literally 1000's of lives and been a part of their stress. I learned quickly that our medical system stays away from the deeply emotional aspects which every patient brings with them in their dis-ease which results in disease. It is much easier to apply a dressing, or provide a pill than to sit down and actually listen to the underlying dis-ease that lies in their inner being. In truth everyone is looking for their personal sense of peace. It is an Inner-standing. A destination we strive for somewhere out there, however it is a state we can achieve here and now.

Some people find it through meditation and others find it through energy medicine practices. I am sharing my gift to help you through hypnosis and guided suggestion to find that peace. I truly believe that based on our belief that we are defined by our past, we are confined to it and it keeps us stuck in the repetitive patterns in our life. It is my belief that the past is only meant to refine us. To learn from and move on. To be open to the possibilities of this lifetime in its ebb and flow, and help us to move forward. When we put peace in our heart, we do create peace in our world.

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Brenda Pearce is known as "The Empowered Nurse". She triages body-mind-spirit to create a truly integrative experience for her clients. She is an author, speaker, TV Show Producer/Host and founder of the No Regrets Academy. She helps people to transcend into living the rest of their life as the best of their life. Learn more by visiting

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