It's The Simple Things In Life

If anything the past year and a half has brought us self awareness. More time in isolation and living in restrictions has made us spend more time with ourselves. The challenge has been, "Do I like ME?".

For many it has been a great gift to disconnect, and spend time with our closest loved ones, spend time rekindling hobbies that have been laid to the side, or even learn new things and explore within our personal space. For others, like me, it was business as usual, working as a nurse, but with the twist of constant wearing of PPE. No longer able to breathe properly with the wearing of picky irritating paper masks, experiencing increased allergies, and the constant swabbing to prove I am well and able to carry out my duties. For many, it was a change of working in their office jobs, to working from home, juggling work and family at the same time and perhaps throwing in homeschooling into the mix. Others facing closing their doors and livlihoods temporarily or forever. No matter who your are, or what age you are, we have all been effected. Generally it has been a mixed bag of blessings, and the raising of fears. Definitely a time of unbalance.

I have always been one to realize that in a world of chaos, one must always find balance, no matter what. Balance has been a way of looking at where your are, and what do you want. What gives you peace. It is a way of navigating the waters and knowing that in any situation you have choice. You have the ability to course-correct with every breath. If something does not feel right, then realize, it may be that you are in the wrong place, or situation, or thought, or emotion. If it does not feel right, change it. Simple you may say, but Einstein said it best, and I paraphrase... Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

When I stopped and really thought about that statement years ago, everything changed. I wondered why things were going wrong in my job, my marriage and overall in my life. I no longer fit! I was doing everything the same, but the circumstances around me changed. I was unhappy, unfulfilled and falling apart. I didn't know that I had the right to choose in my own life and thought that everything I had chosen at the time was meant for a lifetime. I committed to the life sentence as I became a prisoner to it. Through it all, I had grown and changed, but my thinking stayed the same. I was falling apart, crying and dying inside, and sad. Praying for answers and listening to my inner self saved me. The realization that I was living in insanity and a thought could change that changed everything, and did.

Slowly and overtime I put things into perspective and changes happened. Opening up to new ideas brought new insights and new experiences. I learned Reiki, changed my job, and relationship changes occured. I found freedom and found my voice. I started to really look into my own eyes, and explore the richness and gifts that I had and had suppressed for so long. Some things did not change, like the love eternally for my children, and I had my career to see me through. The power that a thought or a change of thinking could provide changed everything. It inspired me and empowered me.

Today's world has changed so much but the resiliance I had learned all those years ago has helped me through these times. FEAR has been a real and tangible thing, it is broadcasted everyday and we are bombarded with it whether we want to face it or not. I look around and see many people gripped in fear, and it is so sad. To me fear is a gateway to choice. FEAR can mean either of these two things. It is an acronym for either F.alse E.xpectations A.ppearing R.eal -or- F.ace E.verything A.nd R.ise. Hmmmm... In a world appearing stuck, difficult, and painful, it can be easy to become inert with FEAR, and be stopped at the door of choice, but when you look at as a door to the rest of your life, which way would you go? What do you really want? How do you wish to live? I choose to rise. Change just one thought today and watch your world change.

Bliss & Blessings,


Brenda Pearce is known as the Empowered Nurse. She triages body-mind-spirit through her podcasts, blog, books, and TV Show. Being an RN for nearly 40 years has given her deep insights into the life experience. From birth to last breath, Brenda has seen it all, and litterly touched 1000's of lives. She believes that the rest of our life can be the best of our life, and that at any age and stage, we can become empowered to live more fully. Catch Emplowered Living With Brenda Pearce Mondays at 10AM and 10PM on the Dream Visions 7 Media Network.

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