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Hi!   Over the past decade, I have produced hundreds of podcasts for myself, and for clients.  I have learned the ground up!  

I have learned how to syndicate, monetize, get fabulous guests, learn how to create show graphics, Interview, and really add value to the online conversation.   Below are some of the benefits of working with me, and why learning from someone with experience will help you to create a polished and professional show that will garner attention from listeners.

Now more than ever before, podcasting is a marvellous way to create a platform that will serve your business, interest, passion or hobby well.  More and more people are choosing podcasts as their preferred source of entertainment. 

What I offer...  An 8-week Bootcamp program 

  • Help you determine the type of podcast you wish to create

  • Help you get set up in a podcast platform

  • Teach you the ropes of a show set up

  • Teach you how to get guests that align with your show, 

  • How to create banners and infographics

  • Help you to create catchy intros and outros

  • How to edit your show.

  • How to promote your show

  • How to syndicate it onto other platforms i.e Spreaker, iHeart, YouTube, and so much more

  • How to monetize and commercialize your show. Including the creation of your shows storefront website

We will have weekly training review classes with Q&A

There will also be pre-recorded class format with video

Monitoring of your progress personalized calls to discuss your show, answer questions and so much support.

I am also here to have you look over my shoulder as I create podcasts, and be there with you as you do your first podcast to help critiques, support and celebrate your success.

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