My Story

I believe women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Reset YOUR Life & Embrace YOUR Authenticity.


My name is Brenda Pearce...


I have been many things in my life... Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt,

Caregiver, Mother-In-Law, Ex-wife  I have also been a Professional. Writer,

Host and TV Show Producer, Podcaster, Reiki-Master, Entrepreneur and

more.  I have completed my qualifications as a Certified

RTT Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist.  Watch for how I incorporate these

Therapies into the Becoming The One Life Change Program.


As a now retired front-line RN of 38 years, I wanted to take what I have learned from my

career and life,  and adapt my skills in new and exciting ways.

I have seen life come into the world and life leave the world and am in awe of the life experiences that have crossed my path.  It has opened me up to be a student of the life journey.  Always learning, from all the teachers in my life.


                                                      As a child, I was never afraid of work.  I grew up on a farm in Southwestern

                                                      Ontario, Canada.  It is those rural roots that gave me a can-do attitude, and

                                                      no limits perspective on life.  Growing up on a farm and marrying a farmer

                                                      was a natural fit as life cycle and adapting to the elements and hard work

                                                      have helped me to understand the beauty and the fragility life and nature

                                                      and to never take anything for granted.


Being a mom, to three beautiful, and authentic children, and losing a son has

helped me to develop a soul connection that stretches beyond the veil of this

life experience. 


I have found that as I, personally, have reached this time in my life, there is so

much I can do to support others through the honouring of the

body-mind-spirit.  Helping others, who have reached this similar stage in

life, is a gift I choose to share with you.   We have achieved so much in our

lives, but who are we?  We have given so much of ourselves to others, but

what is left for us? 

 It is time to re-frame and reset our lives so that as we move forward,

we can continue to give the best of us.   On our terms.  Reaching

forward grounded, centred, healthy, whole and embracing our gifts.

Sharing our gifts.



I am SO excited to GO on this journey and BE on this journey.


I am SO excited to be on this journey with YOU.

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Our Mission

To help women professionals stop, and embrace their lives authentically.

To help women professionals to rediscover themselves body-mind-spirit.

To help women professionas uncover and discover their gifts and share these with the world.


Our Vision

Envisioning professionals transition into their next phase of life in their optimal health & wellness that they may not have embraced authentically in many years.

Defying the confines of ageing.

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